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“Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.”

 - Ina May Gaskin


My name is Gertrud and I am a full spectrum doula. My passion is to support women and their partners through the journey of having a baby and becoming a parent. 

Becoming and being a mother has been the most exciting and beautiful but also the most difficult experience

of my life so far.
Instead of enjoying my pregnancy, fully focusing on the birth and being a mother, I was constantly with my nose in a book, chasing the most accurate and best knowledge. I felt completely alone and overwhelmed by all this information flow. Although I thought I was fully prepared for my birth, things did not go as I had hoped.

So that no one else has to go through this, I have recognized my calling - to be a full spectrum doula. 

I love supporting people, conscious lifestyle, being in my feminine power and living harmoniously.
I have included all of this into my work and I do my best so that a woman can flourish with confidence during pregnancy, feel a powerful birth experience and find balance in the mother / woman dance.


2022 Use of medicinal plants during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period (Teacher Annika Nellis);

2021 Gordon Family School (Teacher Ènne Aas-Udam);

2020 Kinesio taping (Teacher Laivi Toots);

2020 Spinning Babies® 2-Day Workshop (Teacher Jennifer Walker);

2019 Gentle Bio Energetics by Dr. Eva Reich (Teacher Richard Overly);

2019 Postpartum Cocoon Care (Teacher Natalie Sanna);
2019 Homeopathy During Pregnancy and Childbirth (Teacher Terje Tähe);
2019 Assessment of Rectus Abdominis Diastasis, Manual Closing Therapy and Physiotherapy Exercises, Angela Heller's (physiotherapist, midwife) Method (Teacher Yola Garbers);
2018 PostpartumCare: Thai-style Massages; Bengkung Belly Binding (Teacher Natalie Sanna);
2017-2018 Doula Training, Põlistarkuste ja Rahvaravi School (Teachers Karita Mikko, Ingrid Kaoküla, Elina Piirimäe, Küllike Lillestik, Ülle Lember, Riinu Verlin, Triin Värnik);
2018 UNICEF Breastfeeding Counselor Training (SIET Teachers Ülle Lember, Riinu Verlin);
2018 Pregnancy and Postpartum Yoga Teacher, The Elemental Yoga School (Teacher Summer Salt).


As a doula I support mother and the whole family during family planning, pregnancy, childbirth and

the postpartum period.

Every woman deserves a doula! When a baby is born, a new family is born. It is one of the most special events in life,

which is forever remembered and stored in the soul and body. It is a moment that deserves commitment, time, preparation and investment like any other important event in life. As a doula, it is in my heart to offer your family professional support, information and help you to achieve the birth experience that you have wanted. It is more likely that everything will go according to plan if you start preparing both physically and mentally for the baby's arrival already during pregnancy. According to research, with the presence of a doula:


  • birth can be up to 25% faster

  • there's up to 60% less desire for an epidural

  • the probability of caesarean section is up to 50% lower

  • there's up to 40% less need to use synthetical oxytocin

  • there's less chance of postpartum depression

  • the whole family is more satisfied with the birth experience

    (American Pregnancy Association - 2017)

As a doula, I do everything I can to make sure that you are not alone. I am sincerely and individually committed to your journey, choices, desires and goals. During pregnancy, I will help map out your wishes and boost you with self-confidence, so that the birth of a child will be wonderful and powerful. During the birth, I will support you and your partner physically and emotionally so that you can enjoy this unique experience and fully focus on the birth of your child. In the postpartum period, I offer my support and guidance so that you can feel confident in your new roles

as a mother and father. I give the woman the opportunity to gently adapt to the new life with the baby by offering various treatments from traditional cultures.

As a doula, I'm there for you and your whole family the way you

wish to be supported.



  • Evidence-based information

  • Preparing for birth

  • Confidence & building trust in yourself

  • The role of the partner in childbirth

  • Releasing fears & negative beliefs

  • Alleviation of discomfort

  • Nutrition

  • Yoga

  • Making a birth plan

  • Analyzing previous birth experiences

  • Gentle bio energetics


  • I help to create an harmonious birth environment

  • I support, encourage & reassure

  • I offer guidance 

  • Alternative techniques

  • I support the partner

  • I help you understand when to go to the hospital or call a midwife for a home birth

  • I help to follow the birth plan

  • I explain medical procedures


  • Lactation counseling

  • Postpartum massage

  • Baby wearing counseling

  • Cooking a meal

  • Bengkung belly binding (abdominal support)

  • Diastasis assessment and individual training plan

  • Taking care of the baby

  • Helping to adapt with the new living arrangement

  • Nutrition during breastfeeding

  • New mother ceremony

  • Postnatal balancing

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