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Closing Ceremony "Cocoon"​

Cocoon ceremony is an ancient closing ritual from Mexico, during which a woman can stop the birth process and enter into new phase of life called motherhood. 

When a baby is born, so is a mother.


During cocoon care, the woman can finally be the treated like the newborn mother that she is, who is so delicate and deserves full attention and care. She is held and pampered the same way as she cares for her baby

Cocoon care consists of several different parts and lasts half a day.

In the process, a woman can take time for herself and completely relax, experiencing various pamperings for all her senses.

Cocoon care is also performed during other transitional periods such as divorce, marriage, first menstruation, menopause and other major life changes. Men can also experience this care.

Price 300€

* Cocoon treatment lasts about 5 hours and takes place in your home so that you can relax as much as possible.

**  In the case of vaginal delivery, it can be done about a week after delivery, in the case of abdominal delivery, after the caesarean section is no longer tender. 

*** If you cancel the appointment less than 24 hours before, you still have to pay in full for the session. 


Photos: Hanna Bender

Stages of Cocoon Care

  • Listening. We'll start with a conversation about topics that are important to you. I will listen to your birth story and how your journey has been as a mother and woman. What has been left unshared can now be released in a safe way.

  • Spice tea. I'll make you a delicious Ayurvedic spice tea that supports postpartum recovery and the production of breast milk.

  • Plant bags. We prepare sachets for bath water with wishes from your chosen medicinal plants. In hot water, essential oils are released from plants, all of which hide special and healing properties.

  • Gentle Bio Energetics. I use the gentle bioenergetics technique created by Dr. Eva Reich to balance the body and energy flow after childbirth.

  • Bathing. You immerse yourself completely in the hot herbal bath water, where you can completely relax and let the herbs pamper your body.

  • Oil massage. When you get out of the bath, I massage your whole body in warm oil, which can also be enriched with
    essential oils.

  • The cocoon. The most important part of the care, where I wrap your whole body in 9 sheets (symbolizing 9 months of pregnancy). While in the cocoon, I close 6 different body zones with a rebozo scarf to bring your body back to its center and finish the previous stage of life.

    *All these treatments are accompanied by pleasant music and light snacks. In the meantime, it is possible to breastfeed the baby.
    **It can be done 9 days after giving birth, but it's never too late to make a cocoon.



Thorough preparation for birth and motherhood with 10 sessions and birth support.



Light preparation for birth and motherhood with 5 sessions and birth support.



​Possibility to purchase individual sessions before or after birth.​



Lactation counseling at your home or via e-mail / phone.

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A gift card for doula services is one of the best gifts for pregnant women and new mothers.​​

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Whether it's your first or second time of becoming a mother, these cards are designed to inspire, support and encourage women on this journey of becoming mothers.

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