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Gentle Bio Energetics

The creator of Gentle Bio-Energetics techniques is Dr. Eva Reich. Gentle bio energetics is based on the idea that in our lives, from conception to death, events occur that affect the flow of our life energy. The goal of gentle bioenergetics is to restore the natural flow of life energy in the body.

The word "gentle" refers to a therapist/helper whose touch and verbal intervention are supportive and gentle, making it well suited for expectant or postpartum women as well as small children. 


Wilhelm Reich was the first to take the approach of the body into psychotherapy and discovered that posture, shape, movement, etc. also affect the psyche. He discovered that physical and mental trauma is stored in the body, and when they begin to accumulate, armours form.

Armours are horizontal blockages in the body that prevent the vertically moving life energy from flowing smoothly through the body. Therefore, muscle tension, diseases, emotional imbalances occur, contact with the "real self" is lost, etc.

There are VII types of these armours:

I Eye Area - motionless facial expression; involuntary blinking of the eyes; an emotionless look; watery eyes

II Mouth Region - difficulties in self-expression; tense jaw; constant coughing

III Neck Area - tense state; shoulders up; pains in the neck; feeling of a lump in the throat; constant swallowing; fear of attack

IV Chest Region - rubber chest; shortness of breath; asthma; nail biting; stiff wrists; cold hands; strong self-control

V Diaphragm Region - cannot breathe deeply; upper body hot and lower body cold; anxious; tense; danger alert

VI Abdominal Area - tense stomach; stomach ulcers; digestive problems; weight problems 

VII Pelvic Region - problems with sexuality, genitals, conception, pregnancy, femininity and masculinity; impotence

Different techniques of bio energetic touches can be used to get rid of armours, which gradually release blockages and let energies flow. During the therapy, the body is relaxed and the armours that keep the person tense are gently melted - this allows the psyche to relax and psychological, emotional and trauma-related problems to be resolved

Price €70

* In one session, I use one technique, duration 60-90 min

** If you cancel the appointment less than 24 hours before, you still have to pay in full for the session. 


Photos: Hanna Bender

Gentle Bio Energetic Techniques


Used to increase/stimulate life energy.
Butterfly touch massage helps mothers relax during labor and re-energize afterwards; increases the baby's energy after birth; integrates the birth experience; helps create a greater connection between the baby and its parents; restores the connection between mother and baby if they have been separated; it is used to heal and bond with adopted children and to calm hyperactive children.

For adults, butterfly massage is used, for example:

  • to heal trauma

  • to restore energy flow after an accident or illness

  • to develop a spiritual connection in the body.

Performed over the whole body through clothes, especially for a sensitive person over his body, without touching it.


​The purpose is to restore the flow of life energy and balance in the body with the help of touch.


Balancing is recommended if you have had/have:

  • difficult birth

  • operationnarcosis

  • an injuryfracture 

  • serious illness

  • shock 

  • comma 

  • body asymmetry

  • experience of drowning or freezing 

  • out of body experience

  • alcohol or drug abuse

  • emotional trauma 

  • a feeling of lack of connection with the whole body or some parts of the body

  • lack of emotion or sensation

  • lack of early childhood memories

  • a feeling of numbness or tightness

  • sexual dysfunction

  • anorgasmia

  • bedwetting

It is performed over the whole body through clothes. 


The goal is to heal prenatal nonverbal body memories.

Metamorphosis restores the flow of energy to the pelvis, which makes pregnancy easier, helps the baby find the most optimal position, and supports high-risk pregnancies.

From conception to birth, we have no verbal memories, but preverbal memories are stored in our bodies.

 This method is also suitable for people who feel anxious, sad, scared or depressed all their life, but do not know the reason for such feelings. The reason may be that we already adopted our mother's thoughts and feelings in the womb.

This technique is also suitable for healing the feelings that we are not wanted, that we are not related to anyone.

Metamorphosis can lead back to a place of safety, returning the original sense of happiness, unity, and comfort.

Performed through the soles of the feet.



Thorough preparation for birth and motherhood with 10 sessions and birth support.



Light preparation for birth and motherhood with 5 sessions and birth support.



​Possibility to purchase individual sessions before or after birth.​



Lactation counseling at your home or via e-mail / phone.

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Rectus abdominis manual closure technique with diastasis measurement and exercise series.​​



"Cocoon" is a postpartum ritual full of various pamperings for all senses.



A gift card for doula services is one of the best gifts for pregnant women and new mothers.​​

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Abdominal massage with warm oil and body balancing after childbirth.​​​



 Whether it is your first or second time to become a mother you will surely find something that will inspire, support and encourage you on this special and life-changing journey.

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An ancient form of belly binding that supports the postpartum body and helps with recovery.​​

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